Is there something about the office of the presidency that prevents the president from recognizing the Armenian Genocide? Given the House and Senate’s recent resolutions recognizing the Armenian Genocide, Donald Trump was in a pretty solid position to follow suit. And he didn’t do it:


In a statement on the April anniversary of the killings, Mr Trump said the US paid tribute to the victims of “one of the worst mass atrocities of the 20th century”, but he did not use the word genocide.

Instead he encouraged Armenians and Turks to “acknowledge and reckon with their painful history.”

Trump’s made it pretty clear that he holds Turkish President Erdogan in high regard — which is unfortunate given the fact that Erdoğan is an authoritarian thug — but as Leader of the Free World, isn’t it still his responsibility to recognize and condemn genocide? It shouldn’t be this difficult. It really shouldn’t be.