Life hasn’t been easy for disgraced ex-Rep. Katie Hill, who’s a disgraced ex-rep because she got caught having extramarital affairs with multiple staffers. She could really use some help getting back on her feet and getting revenge on the people who exposed her gross misconduct.

So maybe you could chip in and give her some money:

From the GoFundMe page:

Our friend Katie Hill needs your help.  While serving as one of the youngest United States Congresswomen in history, her naked pictures were distributed among political operators and ultimately the right-wing media who published them far and wide.  Humiliated and scared of what her abusive ex might do next, Katie resigned from her hard-earned Congressional seat.

Now Katie seeks justice against everybody responsible.  As an early supporter of Katie’s, and now as her friend, I am proud to organize this fundraising effort.  Sometimes, justice costs money.  All of the funds raised here go directly to Katie Hill and will fund the lawsuits that will give her justice.

These are important legal cases not only for Katie, but for all victims of the nonconsensual distribution of intimate images and for all individuals who suffered at the hands of a vengeful angry ex who refused to honor the freedom we all should have – the freedom to end a bad relationship.

Ah, yes. That nefarious right-wing media is responsible for Hill’s egregiously bad judgment. She was just trying to get out of a bad relationship, and naked hairbrushing sessions helped her cope. Sleeping with her subordinates got her though it all. And now, your money will help her pick up the pieces.

See what he did there?

God forbid she take responsibility.


Call us when you have a GoFundMe that actually raises money for a worthy cause, Katie.

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