National Review editor Rich Lowry has a new book coming out, “The Case for Nationalism.” In advance of his scheduled discussion about it tonight at NYU, Lowry took out a full-page ad in NYU’s independent student newspaper, the Washington Square News, to promote the event. Sunday night, before the ad was scheduled to run, the paper’s editor-in-chief decided to pull it.

More from Washington Square News editor-in-chief Sakshi Venkatraman:

Last week, conservative pundit Rich Lowry purchased a full-page advertisement to be printed on the back page of WSN’s Monday, Oct. 21 issue. The ad promoted his Thursday talk at the Silver Center, an event sponsored by the College Republicans and the NYU AEI Executive Council, as well as his most recent book. In prominent lettering across the top, the ad read “Nationalism is a good thing.”

On Sunday night during our weekly print production of the paper, I decided to pull the ad from the issue. The ad’s pro-nationalist message does not align with the values of our paper, and after much thought, it was my decision to cancel it. The word “nationalism,” as it exists in today’s political lexicon, connotes xenophobia and white supremacy, and printing it in large letters on the back of our paper would have marginalized people of color on our campus and our staff. I prioritized the sensibilities and trust of our audience over the ad revenue, and I stand by my decision.

Removing ads from the paper last minute is not a standard practice — in fact, it almost never happens. I made a judgment call while my colleagues on the business side of the paper were asleep, and we have put practices in place to ensure that an ad of this nature does not again get so far along in the process before being canceled.

“An ad of this nature”? You mean, an ad promoting a civil discussion?

NYU students are certainly free to disagree with Lowry, but isn’t it up to them to make up their own minds? Why does Venkatraman think it’s up to him to shield students from the “xenophobia and white supremacy” that Lowry regularly denounces and is not remotely endorsing in his book or anywhere else?

And God forbid college students be exposed to free discussion and exchange of ideas.