Earlier today, National Review’s Alexandra DeSanctis shared some thoughts about D.C.-area fans of the World Series-bound Washington Nationals:

For what it’s worth, the Washington Examiner’s Jerry Dunleavy took DeSanctis’ take a little further:

Little did Dunleavy know that he’d kicked a massive hornet’s nest:

Guys, this is not a drill:

And Chris Richards wasn’t even the only WaPo guy to pounce (yes, we said “pounce”) on Dunleavy. Their social media editor Ric Sanchez also called Dunleavy out for his “kinda-racist DC take”:

Drag him, Ric.

Quadrupling down? Wow, this sounds serious.

Nice work if you can get it.

And as you all can see, there’s absolutely nothing funny about any of this.

Ric Sanchez says it’s racist. His word should be enough for you.

It’s not? No way.

What’s tone-deaf about it? Seems like Ric’s the tone-deaf one here.

All in a day’s work!