As Twitchy told you, NBA superstar LeBron James took a hard line against China and in support of Rockets GM Daryl Morey. J/K LOL, he ripped Morey and then complained that Morey’s tweet led to the NBA having “a difficult week.”

If the biggest name in the NBA is too much of a chickensh*t to stand up for what’s right, what chance does any other player have? Well, actually, other players have a chance — if they choose to take it. Boston Celtic Enes Kanter (who is Turkish, notably) has apparently chosen to take that chance:

It’s worth noting that James tweeted that exact sentiment once:

Guess he didn’t mean it. More:


Sure seems like Kanter is trying to take a stand. Australian Andrew Bogut, who has played for several NBA teams (including Steve Kerr’s Warriors) and now plays for the Sydney Kings, also has some thoughts about China and Hong Kong.

Bogut tweeted this earlier today:

True story. Self-righteous NBA SJWs like LeBron James know exactly where their bread is buttered and aren’t willing to jeopardize that, even if it means people will suffer as a result. Is it to much to hope that there are more like Kanter (and Bogut) who will use their platforms to fight real oppression?