As Twitchy told you earlier, in Ronan Farrow’s new book “To Catch and Kill,” former NBC producer Brooke Nevils alleges that she was raped in 2014 by Matt Lauer while in Sochi for the Olympics. Nevils claims that NBC brass knew and chose to do nothing. For the Washington Examiner’s Tiana Lowe, that puts NBC’s decision to fire Megyn Kelly in particularly damning perspective:

More from Lowe:

In the weeks before the blackface nothingburger, Kelly spent ample amounts of time on her talk show reporting on the numerous sexual assault and harassment allegations plaguing Lauer. Unlike many of her fellow daytime hosts, Kelly had covered the #MeToo beat in scrupulous and, at times, necessarily unsavory detail: conducting explosive interviews with multiple Weinstein victims, and when the Lauer story broke and his termination from NBC came shortly thereafter, Kelly covered it with the same righteous indignation.

On live television, Kelly called on her own employers to allow an external team to investigate the network’s handling of the entire Lauer affair, and she went so far as to interview one of Lauer’s accuser on air.

It’s a massive gamble to criticize the ethics of your own employer on national television, but Kelly rightly made that bet. And NBC fired her for it. We can be more confident thanks to new reporting by Farrow.

Read the whole thing. Lowe’s case is pretty convincing, and given NBC’s conduct, we wouldn’t be remotely surprised if Lowe’s theory is absolutely right.