Hillary Clinton never lets us forget that she’s stunning and brave. But if she had to pick one moment of peak stunning bravery, what would it be? Well, let her tell you:

The public and political stuff isn’t really a surprise, given that she maintains to this day that she’s the rightful president and keeps going, just gets up every day and keeps going with that narrative. But the personal thing is interesting. Given that it’s, you know, actually not something that any gutsy woman should respect or admire. Juanita Broaddrick sure as hell isn’t impressed with Hillary’s gutsy call:

We’d say Broaddrick’s more than earned the right to weigh in on this one.

Hillary’s decision to stay married to Bill Clinton was nothing if not a cold, calculated political move. It was the opposite of gutsy. Good on Broaddrick for calling her out on her shameless BS.

Editor’s note: We’ve corrected a typo in the headline of this post.



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