In case you missed it, last night, “RuPaul’s Drag Race” took home another Emmy award. At first, you might realize just how problematic that is. But thanks to Essence journalist Danielle Young, now your eyes can be opened:

After RuPaul won his award, Young confronted him in the press room to “give him the space to address” his show’s lack of diversity:

Apparently the fact that RuPaul is a gay, black drag queen just isn’t diverse enough for Danielle here. And a “BLT” joke? Unacceptable. Why didn’t RuPaul run his crew picks by her before he hired them? Rude.

We’ve gotta say RuPaul handled it better than we would’ve. Young’s woke line of questioning didn’t merit anything other than an eye roll and a “girl, bye.”

Still, though, it’s nice to see that life on the Left is as awesome as ever.