Many have tried, but thus far, all have failed in their efforts to prove that GOP Rep. Dan Crenshaw is, in fact, a Nazi.

Until today. See, Right Wing Watch “investigative reporter” Jared Holt has done some digging, and what he found is pretty shocking:

Here’s a screenshot juuuuust in case Jared deletes:

And a closeup of the incriminating evidence:

Well, there it is. He’s basically Hitler with an eye patch.

See what Semi did there, you guys?

Little hack liar … yep, that’s Jared in a nutshell.

It would indeed be safe to make that assumption. But where’s the fun in that?

In other words, Jared knows that Crenshaw wasn’t embracing neo-Nazis as his brothers in arms. But the truth isn’t nearly as interesting as the lie, is it?

Mission accomplished.

Meanwhile, we don’t recall Jared here doing any “investigative reporting” on, oh, say, Rashida Tlaib’s various social media “likes.”

He’s gonna go nuts, guys.

Editor’s note: This post has been updated with additional screenshots and text.