In case you missed it (and if you’re lucky, you did), last night, Pete Buttigieg tapped God to help him sell Americans on his crusade against climate change:

Apparently God also frowns upon those who eat meat and use plastic straws:

Here’s what Buttigieg said:

“Right now, we’re in a mode where, I think we’re thinking about it mostly through the perspective of guilt, you know, from using a straw to eating a burger. Am I part of the problem? And, in a certain way, yes. But the most exciting thing is that we can all be part of the solution.”

Speaking of straws, Buttigieg really sucks at this. Not only is shaming meat eaters a surefire way to piss people off (a guy from the Midwest should really know better) …

But he’s not even doing it from a position of moral authority.

Pete Buttigieg, we’d like to introduce you to … Pete Buttigieg:

Major hypocrite. Because in addition to enjoying burgers and plastic straws, Buttigieg also loves him some private planes:

Fifty bucks says he’s consumed a hamburger and used a plastic straw during at least one of those plane trips.