Don’t ever let anyone tell you that MSNBC stars aren’t committed to the truth. After getting royally busted for running with a highly inflammatory and thoroughly unvetted story about Donald Trump’s loans being c-signed by “Russian oligarchs,” Lawrence O’Donnell didn’t waste any time taking responsibility for his irresponsibility.

It only took him well over 12 hours to admit to having made an “error in judgment” and 24 hours to retract the story on his show (without admitting that the story was inaccurate, of course.”

And this evening, not quite two days after lighting the first match, Speedy O’Donnell has officially deleted the tweet that got this all started:

So stunning and brave. It’s not any man who’d sacrifice all those likes and retweets.

He probably just had to psych himself up for such an act of stunning bravery.

Oh well. At least he screenshotted his original tweet, so it’s still out there just in case anybody missed it.