CNN reporter Daniel Dale is dedicated to “fact-checking politicians.” But that’s a big job for just one guy, and when it comes to Donald Trump in particular, Daniel just can’t do it alone. Why don’t more media firefighters understand that? Why don’t more of them cover Donald Trump’s dishonesty? On “Reliable Sources,” host Brian Stelter asked Daniel how the media could do better when it comes to Trump coverage, and Daniel didn’t hold back:

Wow. Both of those things are — if Daniel will pardon the expression — news to us. The media have literally dedicated themselves to covering everything Trump says, whether he’s being honest or dishonest. And since when Trump “rarely challenged” on what he’s said? Is Daniel familiar with the oeuvre of his CNN colleague Jim Acosta? Or anyone at CNN, for that matter? Or at MSNBC? Or the Washington Post? Or the New York Times? Or PolitiFact? Or pretty much every other mainstream media outlet?

Pretty ballsy of Daniel to complain about Trump’s “relentless dishonesty” when his complaint is based on dishonest assertions.

True story.

Now, if Daniel really wants to examine the media’s unwillingness to call the president out for brazen dishonesty …




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