There’s something to be said for knowing how to lose with dignity.

Stacey Abrams might be the last person to say it. She’s the governor of Georgia only in her own mind, but that’s not stopping her from taking her sore loser sideshow on a national tour:

In a sane world, Stacey Abrams would be treated by the media as the lying fraud and human punchline that she is. But we’re not in a sane world, are we? So we’re stuck with the media indulging delusional behavior like this:

The only crime in which Stacey Abrams is complicit is perpetuating an outright false narrative about the Georgia gubernatorial election. If she’s going to insist on throwing a tantrum over her loss, that’s fine. But she needs to do it in private instead of subjecting the rest of us to her shameless BS.

And while we’re at it, the media aren’t doing themselves any favors by amplifying Abrams, either.