It’s been a rough 12 hours or so for CNN’s Chris Cuomo, thanks to that footage of him angrily responding to a stranger who confronted him and called him “Fredo.” Well, he’s had some time to sleep on it and has some thoughts about his behavior:


Cuomo doesn’t deserve to be harassed, alone or in front of his family. And a lot of other people in his position probably would’ve responded similarly. That said, though, his business about “Fredo” being akin to the N-word was ridiculous. And we’re not exactly inclined to believe him when he says he should “be better.” Chris Cuomo has gone out of his way — repeatedly — to not be better than what he opposes.

We probably shouldn’t hold our breath.

Meanwhile, we get the feeling that Cuomo’s gonna have to put up with the “Fredo” stuff for a little longer yet.

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