Anthony Scaramucci seems to be going the Michael Cohen route and realizing that it’s easier to get media gigs when you start renouncing Donald Trump after having defended him with every fiber of your being, no matter what awful things he said or did.

Like many others — on either side of the political aisle — Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez doesn’t seem terribly convinced by Scaramucci’s apparent change of heart:

And, like many others, Scaramucci clearly isn’t interested in AOC’s opinion:


This is one of those times when we like to root for injuries on both sides. Scaramucci has only managed to make himself even more annoying by pretending that he’s suddenly seeing the light on Trump, when he knew full well what kind of guy Trump was back when he was unequivocally supporting him. And AOC attempting to stake out a moral high ground when it comes to fighting “injustice” is just too rich, given her own history of refusing to speak up about actual injustice (Venezuela, anyone?).

In short, we’ve got no dog in this fight. Let them eat each other.