CNN’s Chris Cuomo decided to keep the gun control town hall festivities going on Twitter this morning:

Prepare to be schooled, Derrick:

This is the guy CNN decided should preside over a town hall about guns.

Chris Cuomo, ladies and gentlemen.

His source is his own magnificent brain. Isn’t that good enough for you?

Both. He’s both.

Don’t worry — there’s plenty more where that came from:

Bernie Sanders wants to “ban assault weapons,” an intentionally vague term. Beto O’Rourke says as president, he’d institute a mandatory gun buyback, aka confiscation, program. Kamala Harris would send law enforcement to people’s houses to confiscate their legally owned firearms. This isn’t “paranoia and fringe right propaganda.” This is the Democratic platform. Chris Cuomo is free to surrender his gun to the government. He’s not free to compel anyone else to do the same.

Parting evergreen tweet:

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