Ilhan Omar has a problem with Rand Paul. But her animosity evidently goes beyond just not liking what he says about her — it extends to rejoicing in his being assaulted.

Yesterday, Omar’s buddy and Al Jazeera English host Mehdi Hasan went to bat for her after Paul criticized her frequent disparaging remarks about America:

Tom Arnold decided to weigh in as well with a characteristically thoughtful response:

Well, Ilhan Omar apparently thought that tweet was just what the doctor ordered, because she amplified it on her personal Twitter account:

Paul’s talk about chipping in for a ticket to send Omar to Somalia may not have been tasteful or helpful, but at least he wasn’t advocating for violence against her. For Omar to promote Arnold’s justification for the violent assault on Paul suggests that she’s not all that concerned about “incitement” as long as she’s the one doing the inciting.

Because she’s a hypocritical, evil garbage person.

Editor’s note: This post has been updated with additional tweets.