While our Democratic betters can’t stop telling us what an awful racist Donald Trump is, here’s what Virginia Dems have been doing to combat racism:

The Washington Free Beacon’s Charlie Hoffman reports:

Virginia’s Democratic governor Ralph Northam stepped up his political contributions in June following the state’s legislative primary elections, donating an additional $117,500 to 11 Democratic candidates, according to campaign finance reports released Monday.

The Washington Free Beacon previously reported that Northam had resumeddoling out political contributions to state legislative Democratic incumbents and candidates, many of whom called on him to resign after a racist collegiate yearbook photo of the governor became public. Those earlier reported contributions combined with the recent donations add up to over $200,000 in contributions to Democratic candidates since the yearbook photo surfaced.

The Free Beacon contacted the original 11 candidates who received donations from Northam before the primary. None of them responded to questions about why they accepted contributions from the scandal-plagued governor.

Go figure! More:

Maybe because no explanation is necessary.

Shameful, yes. Shocking? Nope.