Kate Winslet has enjoyed a long, successful career as an actress. She’s made a lot of money.

And she feels really, really bad about it:

More from the Telegraph:

The most heartbreaking discovery for Winslet was that her great-great-great-great-grandfather, Anders Jonsson, was imprisoned in Sweden for stealing potatoes and honey to feed his family; one of his five children died from malnutrition. He died in prison from typhoid.

Winslet said that she “would have been upset and disgusted if I had come from wealth or royalty”, and explained: “Mr roots are socialist, working class and, in a funny way, my parents frowned upon the wealthy.

She told Radio Times that discovering how poor her ancestors were made sense of her life. “I come from a long line of impoverished people on both sides of my family, which perhaps explains why I’ve tried to instil my parents’ values into my kids.

“People never believe me, but my children aren’t over-privileged. We just don’t live like that. They are very balanced. Humble.” Winslet has three children, the youngest with Edward Abel Smith, nephew of Sir Richard Branson and previously known as Ned Rocknroll.

The struggle is real.

Isn’t it obvious?

And rightfully so. We’re honestly not sure how Kate Winslet can sleep at night, knowing she’s living the dream instead of her ancestors’ nightmare.

And now, inquiring minds wanna know:

Won’t she please think of the children?

We’d like to get in on some of that dishonor, too.