Yesterday, Ricky Gervais tweeted what should’ve been a pretty universally acknowledged truth about political violence:

But Daniel Hoffmann-Gill, an actor you’ve probably never heard of, disagreed. And he decided to share his thoughts on why it’s OK to beat up “neo-Nazis” and people like Andy Ngo:

Twitchy staple @neontaster was one of many people who called Hoffmann-Gill out for rationalizing left-wing violence:

For his troubles, Hoffmann-Gill blocked him:

But that didn’t stop @neontaster for expanding on his original point:

Apparently offering insight as to how the Nazis rose to power is actually a deafening dog whistle. At least according to the two clowns behind the wildly popular @RacismDog Twitter account:


Who watches the WatchDog?

It’s simple, really: they’re not.

Honestly, we feel bad for the dog. His owners seem like real jackasses.