Like, attention, you guys. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has, like, totally got the most rock-solidest of cases for wiping out student loan debt:

What’s her point?

That raise AOC is demanding may not be enough for her to wipe out her student loan debt, so we’d better just cancel all student loan debt so she can be fiscally responsible and stuff.

Quite a squad AOC’s got for herself there. And why let people keep more of their own money when we can just steal it from them and use it to pay off her debts and those of other students who clearly didn’t learn in college that loans are supposed to be paid back?

Does AOC know that people frequently take out loans in order to buy homes and make large purchases? Should mortgages be wiped out, too? And does she know that furthering ones education will likely require more loans? Loans whose amount will only increase as long as the government promises to stay in the education subsidy game?

All she knows is that it’s, like, so unfair to expect people who borrow money to pay it back.

You know who else accepted it, Jane? All the students who took out loans to pay for college. All the ingrates who elected to borrow money and are now demanding that taxpayers foot the bill.

Exactly. This isn’t difficult. And if it is, then you never should’ve gotten the loan in the first place.

Fair point.

Sounds like what our government does every damn day. And AOC et al. want more of that.

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