Earlier today, pro-aborts were up in arms over the news that Joe Biden supports the Hyde Amendment (which may or may not be true, depending on when and whom you ask).

Biden’s fellow Democratic presidential hopefuls didn’t waste any time reiterating their commitment to ensuring that taxpayers be forced to fund abortions:

Bill de Blasio, who’s still running for president for some reason, also wanted his followers to know that he won’t stand for anyone who doesn’t stand for repealing the Hyde Amendment:

But because he’s Bill de Blasio, here’s how he did it:

Come for the bad take, stay for the sweet ratio:

He deserves every bit of it.

He’s not even good enough to be our latex salesman.

He makes it look easy.

So he’s got that going for him.



Quote of the day: ‘Bill de Blasio regularly says stupid things, but this is literally the stupidest effing thing he’s ever said.’