Bless Eric Swalwell’s heart. He still believes — or acts like he believes — that he’s got a real shot at the Democratic presidential nomination, and that he’ll get there on the strength of his Big Ideas about gun control.

On “The View” today, he explained why it’s got to be his way or the highway if we want to stop mass shootings:

Oh it will, will it?

He didn’t say!

The whole thing is a train wreck, but this bit is particularly painful:

Embarrassing. Swalwell himself doesn’t even seem to be buying what he’s selling.

You wouldn’t know them. They go to a different school.

He’s a clown, all right. And an intellectually dishonest one at that. Eric Swalwell is shamefully using fear to push an authoritarian agenda that will only punish the law-abiding. Meanwhile, the root causes of gun violence go unaddressed.