Earlier today, the Washington Free Beacon’s Brent Scher shared his findings on Democratic Rep. Eric Swalwell’s financial acumen, and let’s just say they’re illuminating, to say the least:

More from the Free Beacon:

It is unclear whether Swalwell has kept accounts off his disclosures because he has less than $5,000 cumulatively, or because he keeps all his money in non-interest-bearing accounts, which are generally used only by financial novices and are becoming a thing of the past.

He has also been prone to making errors on his disclosures. He failed to report his student loan debt on his original disclosures and falsely stated on his 2013 disclosure that he still owned the Alameda County pension he’d already cashed out.

Swalwell’s office directed questions on the congressman to his campaign. His campaign did not respond to detailed questions on his financial disclosures.

Maybe because there’s no way for them to answer those questions without demonstrating that Eric Swalwell is an embarrassing financial failure. But Swalwell’s not about to sit back and let someone try to make him look bad. If anyone’s gonna make Eric Swalwell look bad, it’s going to be Eric Swalwell, dammit!


Yeah, almost as crushing as the debt he’s racked up for himself!

Does he seriously think that defense helps his case? Especially in light of this:

Well above what most Americans make … yet he still can’t pay off any debt? Guy can’t keep his own fiscal house in order and he wants us to put him in the effing White House?