The 2020 election season is officially underway, which means MSNBC’s got to bring out the intellectual heavyweights to break it all down for the rest of us rubes. Enter Jeff Daniels, who apparently thinks playing a brave firefighter on “The Newsroom” makes him credible when it comes to political matters (a fantasy which, as you’ll see, MSNBC is only too happy to indulge).

See, Jeff here knows what the Trump presidency is all about:

But wait! There’s more:

We’re not real fake journalists like Jeff or anything, but we’re gonna go ahead and call B.S. on that one.

It’s déjà vu all over again.

Not much, no. And last time we checked, this wasn’t a democracy anyway.

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For those of you who felt you were being shortchanged, good news! You can watch the full interview now. Prepare to be subjected to Jeff’s genius: