Yesterday, Reason’s Robby Soave testified before the House Oversight Subcommittee on Civil Rights and Civil Liberties in a hearing on white supremacy. HuffPost senior reporter Andy Campbell didn’t like what Soave had to say, despite apparently not actually listening to what Soave had to say.

Anyone can write a thing. But Andy Campbell is evidently not capable of writing a thing without being disingenuous:

Maybe Andy should check out Reason, too. Along with a copy of Journalism for Dummies.

Here’s that part, by the way:

It’s unclear why Congress would need a dissenting opinion during a hearing titled “Confronting White Supremacy: The Consequences of Inaction” and predicated on the notion that extremist violence is indeed a problem. And yet here lawmakers were, again hearing arguments that perhaps the rising body count in the name of white supremacy isn’t a big issue at all.

We like to think that, as a rule, dissenting opinions aren’t inherently wrong. But even leaving that aside, Soave wasn’t actually dissenting from the widely held opinion that white supremacy is bad.


Case in point:

Keep running with it, Andy. Right over the edge of that cliff.

Editor’s note: A typo originally appearing in the headline of this post has been corrected.

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