Ain’t no thought exercise like a Chris Cillizza thought exercise:

This is Real News, Mr. President:

It’s not much of a stretch then to imagine that Trump, if he does come up short in the 2020 election, wouldn’t be willing to simply go quietly into that good night. For Trump, refusing to admit defeat and hand over power voluntarily would be the final sacred cow he could slaughter. He’s built a political career on a willingness to break with long-held traditions, the venerated elements of our capital “D” democracy that have long distinguished us from the rest of the world. Trump scoffs at all that sort of stuff, the trappings, he would argue, of an arcane system put in place by elites who can’t channel the will of the people like he can.

If you think that’s overstating things, it’s worth noting that Trump has repeatedly “joked” about changing the Constitution to allow him to serve more than two terms as president.

He’s joked about it? Oh. Well. We should probably just impeach him, then, to make sure he doesn’t completely unilaterally overhaul the Constitution.


Now, close your eyes and imagine this: Trump narrowly loses — by 20-ish electoral votes — in 2020. He refuses to concede, insists there has been widespread election fraud and notes that Democrats (and the media) have been trying to steal from him since he was elected in 2016.

Doesn’t seem all that outlandish, does it?

If it doesn’t seem outlandish, that’s only because this hypothetical Donald Trump situation has already happened:



Seems Cillizza should make sure his own Democratic house is in order before throwing stones at Trump.

Cillizza’s problem may not be self-awareness, at least not in this case. It’s entirely possible that he’s perfectly aware that the Democrats are the ones in denial, but he just can’t bring himself to hold them accountable for it, so he’s opting instead to run interference for them because that’s just what he does.

Chris Cillizza and his fellow firefighters wouldn’t dare. So unless hell freezes over, don’t plan on taking this — or any of Cillizza’s “journalism” — seriously.

That’s all this has ever been about. The media are doing whatever they can to stay relevant, and that includes making asses of themselves on a regular basis.


They know their jobs have nothing to do with reporting and everything to do with protecting the Democrats — and their own horrible reputation. They’ll grasp at any straw they can find in order to avoid taking responsibility for their role in propelling Trump into the White House in 2016 and to pre-emptively avoid taking responsibility for ensuring he wins another term.