If stupidity were a crime, Ed Krassenstein would be serving about 63 consecutive life sentences. Seriously. The Resistance grifter — who is actually legit obsessed with Donald Trump and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez — genuinely thinks this is an intelligent, coherent thought worth sharing with the world:

Maybe Science can come up with a vaccination against Ed’s hot takes. Even his fellow Resisters are calling him out for this one.

Respecting most of what he says is a big part of the problem. You’re just empowering him to shout louder. The best cure for Krassensteinism is to point and laugh at him.

For a guy who claims to respect Science, he sure has a penchant for pulling facts out of his butt:

Don’t tell him that getting talking points from Code Pink is an instant credibility killer (not that he had any credibility to begin with).