How do you follow up an argument for giving convicted rapists, murderers, and domestic terrorists the right to vote in prison? Well, if you’re Bernie Sanders, you double down:

Well, for what it’s worth, some of Bernie’s fellow radicals agree:

Alrighty then. Well, Democratic prison slave labor (?) aside, how can anyone seriously believe that incarcerated domestic terrorists should get a say in our elections?

We’re a republic, but your point is taken. Arguing that violent felons with literal blood on their hands should get to vote is actually pretty radical — and pretty messed up.

And why should we look to other countries for advice on how to run our own?

No, it doesn’t. But if Bernie Sanders really wants us to play this game, he’d better be willing to go all in:



AOC’s Chief of Staff made a ‘good point’ on Bernie’s plan to let terrorists/murderers/rapists vote and we encourage him to keep tweeting