Well, we were waiting for this. It was only a matter of time, and the Washington Post has come through yet again:

In their piece, Adam Taylor and Rick Noack focus pretty much exclusively on reactions from a handful of far-right nutjobs, ignoring countless conservative and right-leaning non-nutjobs who have condemned the attack in Sri Lanka (just as they condemned the Christchurch massacre). They also very conspicuously gloss over anti-Christian terrorism. What are they trying to say here, exactly?

It’s crap, is what it is.


Dismissing the persecution of Christians? Check. Making the anger over a deadly terrorist attack the focus as opposed to the act itself? Check. That’s pretty despicable. Not to mention a blatant, shameless act of bias.

WaPo made a point with their headline, for sure. But it wasn’t the one they were going for.

Keep up the great work, WaPo.