Donald Trump wants Club For Growth, Cato, and Heritage alumnus Stephen Moore to serve on the Federal Reserve Board, but CNBC firefighter John Harwood is sounding the alarm:

Wow. This sounds serious, you guys. And we have no doubt that Harwood wouldn’t make such a bold claim without some hard evidence to back him up.

Oh, wait:

Do you mean to suggest that Harwood would mischaracterize Moore’s remarks in order to stoke fear among the Resistance? But that’s so unlike him!

Naturally, Harwood’s strategy seems to be working. At least among those too historically ignorant and illiterate to understand the point Moore was making:

And these dolts keep falling for Harwood’s B.S. Every single time.

No kidding. When Moore says democracy can be dangerous, he’s not being “anti-American”; he’s being correct.

Harwood, on the other hand, is still a pathetic excuse for a journalist.

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