In the face of evidence completely contradicting her claim, Kamala Harris and other Democrats are still insisting that the Trump tax cuts are hurting the middle class and only benefiting the wealthiest among us. Well, fortunately for Dems, some of the wealthy people allegedly reaping all the benefits of the tax cuts want to do something about it:

More from NBC News:

“It’s a matter of equity, fairness and the fact that we have the money to pay the taxes and we’re not being asked to pay them,” [Karen Seal] Stewart, a former real estate executive, told NBC News. “My sense is we are really at a cusp. We better get our act together because … the lack of fairness and opportunity is growing.”

Is Stewart waiting for a formal invite to fulfill her dream of giving the government more of her money, or … ? What are she and her like-minded friends waiting for, exactly?

The millionaires aren’t backing any specific candidate — though they say Warren is right on taxing wealth. They just want action.

“Important things” like infrastructure and health care require money, Stewart said. “You need to get the money where it is. It’s with the wealthy. … Do not feel sorry for us. We will still be fine. And the country will be better off.”

Trust us, honey. We don’t feel sorry for you. Nobody does. Now get to writing that check before all that money burns any more holes in your pockets.

Yep. Far be it from us non-millionaires to stand in their way.

Time for them to put all that excess money where their big mouths are. Otherwise, we have no choice but to believe they’re completely full of it.