Notre Dame cathedral is still on fire, and some of our blue-checked liberal betters are taking a few moments to warn us all about the “far right” spreading conspiracy theories:

We’re not sure why this tweet would stir up conspiracy theories:

But whatever. We’re certainly not going to argue that it’s abhorrent to use this tragedy to push unfounded conspiracies. But who’s pushing these conspiracies, exactly? Jordan Uhl, the blue-checked prog who has a history of misrepresentation and mischaracterization, has done some digging and found proof that “the right” is trying to blame the fire on Muslims:

So, a handful of randos and a pair of blue-checked nutjobs constitute “the right”?

He really does:

Nope. She invoked the Rothschilds. So she’s got a problem with Jews.

Twerps like Uhl aren’t so much interested in discouraging conspiracy theories as they are in ensuring that the pot stays stirred so people will keep blaming conservatives for everything.

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