Today, Donald Trump said that the policy of separating migrant children from their families at the southern border really came into its own during the Obama administration.

Are we ever. CNN’s Brianna Keilar busted out this AP “FACT CHECK” from last November:

You guys might be skeptical about that “fact check,” but it’s good enough for the Left.

No, Joan. What’s brazen is clowns like you and Jon Favreau going out there and denying that migrant children were separated from their families as a direct result of the Obama administration’s policies.

What’s brazen is media lapdogs falling all over themselves to protect Barack Obama’s “scandal-free” reputation.

“As we have reported.” We’ve seen your “reports,” Jim. They’re nothing to be proud of. Nor is today’s absolutely shameless display of water carrying from you and your fellow Guardians of Truth.

They’re probably hoping that if they close their eyes and plug their ears, the truth they’re supposed to guard so dutifully will disappear.

It really is personal. If they admit that Barack Obama was no saint, then they have to admit their own culpability in elevating and deifying him. And they’ll die before they admit to something like that.