It’s #EqualPayDay, and you know what that means: even more uninformed whining than usual about women being paid less than men. The New York Post is evidently eager to contribute to the misinformation campaign — by suggesting that those who understand the truth are the ones who are misinformed:


The latest U.S. Census Bureau data shows that on average women make 81 cents to every dollar earned by a man. However, a new SurveyMonkey poll of 8,566 American adults found that 46 percent of male respondents believe that the pay gap “is made up to serve a political purpose.”

About two in 10 men go so far as to check the poll’s “fake news” box.

So what do women have to do to prove to men the gender pay gap is real — publicize their paychecks?

Women will have to do a lot more than that to prove to men that the gender pay gap is real. Namely, create a gender pay gap in the first place. Because there isn’t one.

And women — yes, even women! — know it.