As Twitchy told you, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez beclowned herself once again with this piping-hot take on wages at LaGuardia:

If being stupid were a crime, AOC would be serving like 68 consecutive life sentences.

This is not a drill:

First of all, what exactly is “the value of human worth”?

Snort. AOC’s command of the English language rivals only her command of basic economics. Which is to say, words are hard for her. She really doesn’t seem to realize what she’s saying.

Stop making sense!

We reckon you know a hell of a lot more than AOC about why minimum wage increases can lead to price increases.

And speaking of human worth …

She should sit everything out, but especially this. Just when you think she’s stepped on every rake, she goes and steps on another one. And then blames Republicans when she’s called out!

If she were self-aware, we might actually think she realizes how much of a willfully dishonest moron she is. But she’s flakier than a LaGuardia croissant.

AOC doesn’t need the GOP’s help to undermine her own arguments. She does a fine job of that herself.

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