We’ll give Joe Biden this much: he’s consistent. He’s been sticking his foot in his mouth for decades.

The Washington Free Beacon’s Brent Scher came across another golden oldie:

Please enjoy:

More from the Washington Free Beacon:

Biden’s comments came during an appearance on The Advocates, a weekly debate program that aired on PBS in the 1970s. Biden, then in his second year as a U.S. senator, was invited to argue in favor of public funding for political campaigns and contribution limits for individuals.

Biden argued the political system was inherently corrupt because it forced candidates to go to the “people who have money,” and “they always want something.” He called it the “most degrading experience in the world.”

A spokesperson at the Biden Foundation did not respond to a request for comment.

Yeah, we’ll bet they didn’t!

Well, the ones propping him up are probably some combination of both (mostly dishonest, we’d reckon). But there’s a good chance that lots more videos like the one above will start making the rounds — and a good chance that Dems will be responsible for that.

And we’ll be here for all of it.