The Democratic presidential hopeful field is getting pretty crowded … if you wanna stand out from the rest of the back, you’ve gotta do something really special.

Is Cory Booker seriously considering a White House wedding?


Sen. Cory Booker, a Democratic presidential hopeful, took a brief detour from talking about politics to praise his girlfriend, actor Rosario Dawson, on The Ellen Show and flirt with the possibility of a White House wedding.

“I mean if you go in single and have a wedding in the White House — I mean — we would watch,” DeGeneres said. “That would be like our royal wedding that’d be great.”

“So you’re saying if Rosario and I get there, wait, don’t do the marriage before?” Booker jokingly asked.

“Would you help preside over the wedding?” he asked DeGeneres.

Let’s just stop right there. We’ve heard enough.

He’s just a man in love. With himself. And also Rosario Dawson. And definitely it’s true love and definitely not a shameless ploy to look hip and with it and cool.

It really is.


For real, though, just like with Fyre Fest, isn’t Cory Booker getting just a wee bit ahead of himself here?

We’re looking forward to it.