CNN is all about putting #FactsFirst … unless the facts get in the way of their narrative. In that case, it’s bananas all the way down.

Last night, hall monitor Brian Stelter touted this video of his CNN colleague Ana Cabrera slamming Donald Trump for not “joining the world condemning this hatred and offering support to the Muslim community in New Zealand and across the globe” in the wake of the deadly Christchurch mosque shootings:

What Cabrera — and Stelter, in turn — failed to mention was that Trump in fact did not just tweet about SNL. He also directly addressed the attacks. Blaze TV’s Jordan Schachtel called Stelter out for misleading his followers:

Stelter tried to get smart with Schachtel. It should come as no surprise that he failed miserably in that endeavor:

So because Trump didn’t use the phrase “Muslim community,” it’s totally fair to say that he was silent on the attacks? And because Trump tweeted about SNL on Sunday, it renders his tweet and official statement on Friday — the day of the attacks — meaningless?

When Brian Stelter dedicates his career to actual journalism, maybe we can talk. Until then, he needs to get off his high horse and have a seat.