How many humiliations must Jacob Wohl suffer before he slinks away at last? We’re not sure what the answer is, but evidently he hasn’t reached that point quite yet.

Yesterday, Nikki Haley tweeted about being part of a policy discussion that included John Brennan:

And Wohl — dare we say it? — pounced:

The irony of Jacob Wohl telling someone else to “get smart” is not lost on us. Or on Haley, for that matter:

“I appreciate your interest.” That’s perfect. Nikki Haley knows how to throw shade with class. And we love her for it.

It’s never stopped Jacob before. Which is why he continues to find himself in embarrassing situations. Especially when he refuses to just take his ball and go home:

No, Jacob. Thank you for confirming that you’re every bit the grifting, lying hack we’ve always believed you to be.

And that’s a hell of a lot more than Jacob Wohl can say for himself.