As Twitchy told you yesterday, anti-Semitic bigot Linda Sarsour rode to anti-Semitic bigot Ilhan Omar’s defense. Today, it’s her pal Tamika Mallory’s turn:

She’s really doing this.

Too late:

And what’s Tamika Mallory been doing all this time? Singing “Kumbaya”? Her words also matter — and they say it all.

Racism’s not the issue here; anti-Semitism is. Playing the race and gender cards is such a pathetic and disingenuous move. And it’s exactly what we’d expect from gutter slime like Tamika Mallory.

This chick is a real piece of work.

Who’s “they,” Tamika?

Tamika’s really doing her damnedest to ascend to the top of the human garbage heap.

There is no difference.