At this point, it seems reasonable to ask: Is there something in the water in Virginia?

These days, it’d be bigger news to find a Virginia politician who hasn’t done something racist

Not just the senate majority leader, but the *Republican* Senate Majority Leader.


More from the Virginian-Pilot:

A Virginia Military Institute yearbook overseen by future state Senate Majority Leader Tommy Norment in 1968 features a host of racist photos and slurs, including blackface.

The revelation about one of Virginia’s most powerful Republicans comes as the state’s Democratic governor and attorney general are facing calls to resign over their own admissions they wore blackface as young men.

Norment, R-James City County, was managing editor of The Bomb publication that year. He went to VMI after graduating from James Blair High School in Williamsburg and has been a state senator since 1992.

Well, this is all going just swimmingly.


Maybe it’s time for Virginia to just start from scratch.

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