Paul Krugman is concerned about Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez stealing all the attention away from other Democratic freshmen:

Since Krugman is a fellow economic luminary and not Joe Lieberman, Ocasio-Cortez isn’t biting his head off about it. Instead, she’s lamenting the pitfalls of being so gosh-darn popular:

She’s uneasy about all the attention she’s getting … she says from the Twitter account she can’t seem to tear herself away from for even two damn minutes.

Thank goodness for America that she’s so stunning and brave. Otherwise we might think she’s trying to play the victim card again.

Maybe if she doesn’t want to be criticized, she should stop pushing garbage policies and ignorantly spouting off on subjects she doesn’t understand. And maybe if she doesn’t want to get so much attention, she should ease up on the pathological tweet-whining. Everybody wins!