Reason number 37592749 why identity politics are a bad idea:

More from Mediaite:

CNN analyst Areva Martin mistakenly accused Sirius XM radio host and Fox News Contributor David Webb for his “white privilege” because of his views on race Tuesday morning, to which Webb responded… that he’s black.

In a debate on his show about what makes some people qualified for certain jobs over others, Webb said as a general rule when applying for jobs he cares more about his work-related expertise and experience, not skin color.

“That’s a whole ‘nother long conversation about white privilege, the things that you have the privilege of doing, that people of color don’t have the privilege of,” said guest Martin.

She should’ve checked herself before she wrecked herself.

Listen for yourself (via the Washington Free Beacon):

So awkward.

When you make everything about race, stuff like this is bound to happen.

At least this time, something as stupid as identity politics produced something hilarious.

It really was.