As Twitchy told you earlier, Lebron James recently came under fire for an Instagram post featuring anti-Semitic lyrics by hip-hop artist 21 Savage. Well, he didn’t come under fire from everyone … if you took Newsweek’s word for it, only “conservative critics” really have a problem with what James did:

More from Newsweek:

James posted a selfie on what appears to be either Snapchat or Instagram on Saturday featuring lyrics from rapper 21 Savage’s “asmr” which references keeping “kosher” and “getting that Jewish money.” Sports reporters and conservative critics pounced on the social media post just days after the NBA superstar stirred controversy by saying the “old white men” NFL team owners embrace a “slave mentality” to keep control of their players.

Damn those conservative critics and all their pouncing!

And we can’t believe Newsweek thought that was a good take.

The thing is, in their attempt to make conservatives look bad, Newsweek is actually shining a glaring spotlight on the Left’s general acceptance of anti-Semitism in their ranks.