This morning, Donald Trump took to Twitter to call on Mitch McConnell to “use the nuclear option” to ensure that funding for the border wall will pass in the Senate:

And ThinkProgress is all over it. No, really. They love it:

This take is so hot, it could only come from Ian “Abolish the Senate” Millhiser:

He writes:

Donald Trump is so very right about this.

It’s hard to imagine a legislative rule more clearly designed to “let minority interests obstruct legislation” than a rule requiring a supermajority vote in order to pass ordinary legislation. Eliminate the filibuster, and over time, the United States will become a more generous nation.

In the long run, the filibuster does far more to keep good legislation from becoming law than it does to prevent bad legislation from being enacted.

There’s one more reason why liberals — and the nation as a whole — will benefit from a filibuster-free Senate. Eliminating the filibuster will lead to better informed voters.

That’s a hell of an argument.

We’d expect nothing less from Ian Millhiser. If anyone needs us, we’ll be sitting here enjoying the view. Watching progs devour one of their own makes for a pretty fun way to spend the afternoon.