It’s kind of interesting that journalists want us to see them as brave firefighters and guardians of truth when they spend so much time portraying themselves as victims.

But here we are:


That’s an understatement:

The world’s five deadliest countries for journalists include three — India, Mexico and, for the first time, the United States — where journalists were killed in cold blood, even though those countries weren’t at war or in conflict, the group said.

Reporters Without Borders said the three most dangerous countries for journalists to work in were Afghanistan, Syria and Mexico.

Meanwhile, the shooting deaths of five employees of the Capital Gazette newspaper in Annapolis, Maryland, in June propelled the United States into the ranks of the most dangerous countries for the first time.

The deaths of the Capital Gazette employees were tragic and horrible, but they were not emblematic of a systemic oppression of journalists like we see in places like China and the Middle East. For all of Trump’s public raging against journalists and the media, he’s never detained a reporter or ordered one killed. NBC News’ decision to report this as evidence that the U.S. oppresses its journalists is grossly irresponsible — and dishonest as hell.

And what’s really obnoxious is that NBC News isn’t even the first outlet to run with this bogus narrative:

Reckless is right.

Our journalists are not oppressed. But a lot of them deserve to be shamed.

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