There are only two weeks left in the year, but there’s always room for late entries in the Peak 2018 Contest.

Here’s another one:

More from the Daily Beast:

Actual witch hunts have left what witchcraft author Kitty Randall, who uses the name “Amber K.” in the witching world, calls a “traumatic emotional imprint” on modern-day witches.

“To have him compare his situation to the worst period in our history is just infuriating,” Randall said.

Witches view the use of the phrase as more than just a pejorative rhetorical device. They place it, rather, in the larger context of the president demonizing and marginalizing minority groups. According to witches who spoke to The Daily Beast, most contemporary witches are feminists and support other marginalized groups. Salisbury called Trump’s witch hunt tweets “disgraceful,” especially because of Trump’s attacks on immigrants and women.

“It is particularly horrifying because many modern practitioners of witchcraft devote their lives to seeking compassion and justice,” Salisbury said.

Their concern is noted. Not taken seriously, but noted nonetheless.

It’s been a hell of year, that’s for sure.

Because why the hell not? It’s not as if there’s anything more important to talk about.

Exit idea:

They really missed an opportunity.



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