As Twitchy told you, CNN has fired commentator Marc Lamont Hill for his anti-Semitic rant at the U.N. in which he railed against Israel and expressed support for anti-Israel violence.

We’re honestly kind of shocked that CNN took any action against Hill considering how they’ve spent the past day trying to pretend Hill’s remarks never happened — not to mention Hill’s history of anti-Israel, anti-Semitic hatemongering. You know what’s not shocking, though? That Glenn Greenwald would ride to Hill’s defense:

It’s so cute when Greenwald attempts to couch his anti-Semitism in free speech advocacy. The First Amendment applies to Hill, just like it applies to the rest of us. But CNN’s got a reputation to protect — shaky as it may be — and cutting ties with Hill is just an attempt to do damage control after failing to care about all the other horribly bigoted and anti-Semitic things Hill has said over the years. One can certainly (and quite easily) make the argument that CNN screwed up:

But Greenwald’s contention that Hill was merely “expressing controversial views” is some steaming-hot B.S. Anyone who listened to that speech knows that Hill wasn’t “advocating rights for Palestinians.”

Marc Lamont Hill blatantly and unapologetically took a page from Hamas’ book. Echoing terrorists’ call to wipe Israel and the Jews off the map was bound to catch up with him eventually. Does anyone out there honestly think that Greenwald would be defending Hill so vociferously if Hill had used his platform to denounce anti-Israel Palestinians?