Yesterday, media reported that the NRA saw a $55 million decrease in contributions last year:

More from the Daily Beast:

The National Rifle Association of America reported $98 million in contributions in 2017, down from nearly $125 million in 2016, according to new tax records obtained by The Daily Beast. Nearly one-fifth of its contributions last year came from a single anonymous donor, who chipped in nearly $19 million to the group.

For junior gun control crusader David Hogg, that news was the smoking gun, so to speak, proving that the NRA is funded by “billionaire elites”:

Is it ironic? Does Hogg know what ironic means?

Well anyway, along came fellow Parkland shooting survivor Kyle Kashuv to pour some cold water on Hogg’s self-righteous finger-pointing:

Whoops! The truth hurts.

David Hogg may be lousy at spelling and grammar, but when it comes to projection, he’s a straight-A student.